Sahih Bukhari

Chapter no: 21, Prayer at Night (Tahajjud)

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Hadith no: 231
Narrated / Authority Of: Abdullah bin Amr bin Al Aas
Allah's Apostle told me, "The most beloved prayer to Allah is that of David and the most beloved fasts to Allah are those of David. He used to sleep for half of the night and then pray for one third of the night and again sleep for its sixth part and used to fast on alternate days."

Hadith no: 232
Narrated / Authority Of: Masruq
I asked 'Aisha which deed was most loved by the Prophet. She said, "A deed done continuously." I further asked, "When did he used to get up (in the night for the prayer)." She said, "He used to get up on hearing the crowing of a cock."

Hadith no: 233
Narrated / Authority Of: Al-Ashath
He (the Prophet (p.b.u.h) ) used to get up for the prayer on hearing the crowing of a cock.

Hadith no: 234
Narrated / Authority Of: Aisha
In my house he (Prophet (p.b.u.h) ) never passed the last hours of the night but sleeping.

Hadith no: 235
Narrated / Authority Of: Qatada
Anas bin Malik said, "The Prophet (p.b.u.h) and Zaid bin Thabit took their Suhur together. When they finished it, the Prophet stood for the (Fajr) prayer and offered it." We asked Anas, "What was the interval between their finishing the Suhur and the starting of the morning prayer?" Anas replied, "It was equal to the time taken by a person in reciting fifty verses of the Quran."

Hadith no: 236
Narrated / Authority Of: Abu Wail
'Abdullah said, "One night I offered the Tahajjud prayer with the Prophet and he kept on standing till an ill-thought came to me." We said, "What was the ill-thought?" He said, "It was to sit down and leave the Prophet (standing)."

Hadith no: 237
Narrated / Authority Of: Hudhaifa
Whenever the Prophet got up for Tahajjud prayer he used to clean his mouth (and teeth) with Siwak.

Hadith no: 238
Narrated / Authority Of: Abdullah bin Umar
A man said, "O Allah's Apostle! How is the prayer of the night?" He said, "Two Rakat followed by two Rakat and so on, and when you apprehend the approaching dawn, offer one Raka as Witr."

Hadith no: 239
Narrated / Authority Of: Ibn Abbas
The prayer of the Prophet used to be of thirteen Rakat, i.e. of the night prayer.

Hadith no: 240
Narrated / Authority Of: Masruq
I asked Aisha about the night prayer of Allah's Apostle and she said, "It was seven, nine or eleven Rakat besides the two Rakat of the Fajr prayer (i.e. Sunna)."

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